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No Ads

There are absolutely no ads in Zoho Mail - not even in our free versions. That is how much we value your privacy and experience.

Folders, Labels & Flags

Organize your messages into multi-level folders, tag them with labels & assign flags of 3 types. You get the best of three worlds.

Advanced Search

Specify anything you vaguely remember as your search criteria. Combine them with and/or options and get the messages you seek in no time.

Calendar, Tasks & Notes

Be more productive with Calendar, Notes & advanced Task manager apps integrated within your email interface.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access Zoho Mail via from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices for a faster mobile optimized experience.

Spam & Anti-virus Protection

Advanced, self-learning algorithms & in built anti-virus protection keep SPAM & malicious emails out of your inbox.

Personalized Email Addresses

Enable email hosting with Zoho & get email addresses that end with @your-domain-name for yourself or all users in your organization.

Extensive Control Panel

Simple & robust control panel interface helps email administrators easily manage an organization's email policies, group lists, aliases etc.

Multiple Email Accounts

POP other non-zoho email accounts within Zoho Mail and check all your email accounts in one place with a single click.

Easy Migration

Switching to Zoho hosted email is hassle-free with self-service IMAP/POP migration module in the control panel and other downloadable tools.

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